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Pnpmar serves up notice to the world that he has arrived with new album ‘For The Culture’ 

If you came from the gutter, then you know that the gutter is the hell most people want to escape, with hopes of a brighter future. Much of hip-hop over the years has been born from that struggle, and the sounds and styles being brought to the table from new artist Pnpmar is right in line with that rich musical history. He brings what he calls Gutter Flow Entertainment, and under that label he has released a hot new album called “For The Culture” that has been creating waves throughout the industry over the past month.  

It’s his second album to date, and was made completely by him from start-to-finish. He said he has been trying to get recognized in music circles for years and finally got tired of waiting for something to happen, so he decided to take destiny in his own hands and make his dreams come true. 

“I got tired of not being heard or fully having my sound together,” he said. “So I figured that I would perfect my sound and brand and then force my way into the music culture. Thus I came up with the album name ‘For The Culture’ as my best attempt to get noticed by the world and other hot artists out there right now.” 

The debut single from the project is a song called “Said It.” Right from the get-go the song drops listeners into this fun groove that has hints of early work from legendary artist Nelly. The song has an off-beat rhythm with a fun, almost-Island kind of melody. This sets the stage for the freaky flow from Pnpmar, who serves up notice to the world that he’s an artist to be reckoned with. Overall it’s just a fun song that will have people bopping their heads and moving their feet. 

Pnpmar said anyone who listens to the album will recognize that his style incorporates hip-hop from all ages, while also melding elements of R&B and alternative music. His voice is different than anyone else in the game, and the album is a perfect showcase for how he can adjust to any beat to create unique and original vibes. 

“I’m like a musical library with different flows and singing patterns,” he said. “I never really like to sound the same on every song, like most of the artists that are marketed today. I personally find my inspiration from my emotions and experiences, and my imagination. Anything I come across on a daily basis – whether it’s a movie or just a random fight in a mall – I will find a way to use that in a song with no hesitation. The world is my inspiration, when it really comes down to it. I’m always going to create and get better. It’s like chasing a high, but the difference is that the music is my drug and it’ll never do harm to me.” 


Pnpmar’s album is currently available across all streaming platforms. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:


“Said It:” 

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