Post: How To Plan an Inclusive Outdoor Festival

Summer is here, and people are ready to get outside and safely have some fun. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, now is the perfect time to cater to people’s desire to hang out, listen to live music, eat delicious food, and have an enjoyable time outdoors.  

If you’re looking for an event to invest in that can yield great returns, consider planning a festival. An outdoor festival doesn’t have to be a big spectacle like Bonnaroo or Burning Man. It can be as simple as holding a craft fair in your parking lot or hosting a tasting of different restaurants. No matter what you want to do, though, your event should appeal to a wide range of potential guests. Here are some tips on how to plan an inclusive outdoor festival and make it as accessible as possible.   

How Will People Get There

You might have booked a sweet deal on ample space that’sperfect for setting up booths and stages. However, if that space is in the middle of nowhere, you might have a tough time convincing people to show up. Consider the transportation options when deciding on a hosting area. Do buses or trains have stops near it? Is it easy to drive to the location, and is parking available? If some guests have disabilities, they will often need a way to get as close to the entrance as possible. You may not have as much control over these aspects if you plan the event around a space you already own. But, it’s still a good idea to create as many accessible options as you can to plan an inclusive outdoor festival.  

Gather Information 

A big step to ensure success is to communicate with guests whenever possible. If it’s a more intimate event, you can ask each person beforehand whether they have any specific needs that call for additional attention and planning. With enough advanced notice, your staff can prepare for different requirements, such as dietary restrictions, allowing guests to bring in medication, or providing accessible viewing areas. 

Provide Additional Services 

Even if you don’t precisely know what you’ll need to make your outdoor festival accessible ahead of time, there are some general services you can supply that will help a wide range of people. One of the biggest is having ADA portable bathrooms on hand, which have designs that accommodate wheelchair mobility. These bathrooms will offer larger interiors and handrails than an average stall. You can also put out plenty of ramps and accessible paths wide enough for people with disabilities to use.  

Of course, you want any business venture to succeed and be a great return on your investment. It’s also essential, however, that you make sure everyone has fun. Festivals are an escape from the daily drudgery of life, and the more accessible you make them, the happier you’ll make people.

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