Post: Not Using Your Garage? Here’s Why You Should Convert It to a Gym

Our garage is often one of the most underutilised rooms in the entire house. Sure, you might store a car or two in there, but the rest of the space is often unused and some people own large garages but don’t even drive. In fact, most people would prefer to just keep their car outside in the driveway because they won’t want to bother opening and closing the garage door every time they leave the house.

It’s for this reason that more and more people are starting to convert their garages into another useful room. It could be a storage room, an office, or even a theatre room. But perhaps one of the most popular choices is to convert it into a gym–here’s why.

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A home gym is a great way to motivate yourself to work out

A home gym is a brilliant source of motivation for you and your family to get fit and healthy. Some people simply don’t have gyms near them, or they might prefer to work out in peace by themselves instead of being surrounded by others. Some people are also a little cautious about sharing workout equipment, especially if the gym is really popular and used by many people. Others might also prefer the safety of just working out at home instead of being around others that may end up treating the gym like a spot to socialise instead of working out.

A home gym is surprisingly affordable to put together

While the cost of equipment can vary greatly, you actually don’t need much to get started. In fact, a garage floor is usually hard enough that you can safely store your weights, machines, and other pieces of equipment. However, it does help to have some gym flooring laid out so that you can protect the floor and also have a soft surface to do a variety of different exercises. For people on a budget, you can actually get started with even less. If you’re DIY-savvy, you could create your own items such as pull-up bars by drilling into the walls. It can be a fun weekend project if you already have the tools and materials to DIY some workout equipment.

A home gym keeps your exercise gear in one place

One of the problems with working out at home is that you often need to take over a part of the living room or make a mess of your bedroom to store all of your gear. You can make this a lot easier by having a garage to store your workout wear and all of the equipment you need in a single place. It allows you to just enter your garage and then get changed and start your workout without needing to move furniture around or look for towels. In fact, you could even go the extra mile and install a shower in your garage so that you can quickly clean up afterwards without going back into the house; it’d be like your own personal gym!

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