Post: Tear-Proof Cosmetics For When You’re In Your Feelings

Any emotional ladies in the house? Whether you’re trying to prepare for an especially big day or you’re simply the kind of person that lets their emotions flow freely, there’s nothing wrong with letting a few tears slip. Expect for the fact that it can destroy your look. But it doesn’t need to, not with these tips that will help you stay looking beautiful even when you’re letting those eyes leak.

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Keep those eyes in good health

Believe it or not, having sensitive eyes are going to make you a lot tearier than you might be already. For that reason, you want to make sure that your eye is clear of any irritants. Using eye drops before you put on your cosmetics is always a good tip, but you should check to make sure that you’re not allergic to any of your makeup and that your makeup brushes are clean, just to be sure.

Keeping everything in place

Keeping everything from running off your face is, in part, about making sure it’s easier for it to stick where you put it. This is, of course, the big benefit of combining the right primer and foundation. The primer helps the foundation stay in play, which helps to make sure everything else stays in place. It’s not foolproof, so you need to be careful with what you put on it, too.

It’s all about the eyes

Given that tears come from the eyes, then it’s no surprise that this is the area that gets the brunt of the punishment. Runny mascara very rarely looks as attractive as the movies make it, so opting for tear-proof options is a good idea. You can also consider ways to enhance your look that aren’t going to be affected by tears, such as 25mm mink lashes. Improvements that aren’t going to get carried away in a flood or tears are worth spending the extra on.

Keep those lips looking lush

Both a deluge or tears and your natural expressiveness are going to make it a lot easier for your lipstick to bleed off of your lips. You can look at long-stay lipsticks to help make sure that your face doesn’t need quite as many touch-ups during the day. However, a nice, tone-matching lip-liner is going to play a big role in helping your lipstick stay put, as well.

Quelling the crying

There’s nothing wrong with letting out a few tears, but if you want to minimize the havoc they wreak as best as possible, then know how to keep them under control once they come out. For instance, you should tilt your chin up and look upwards, avoiding blinking as you fan your eyes. A dab of a tissue beneath your eyes will make sure that tears don’t go tripping down your face, as well.

Waterproofing your look can be a huge boon, especially if you’re looking forward to any big emotional days. Hopefully, these tips help you keep your face composed even when you’re definitely not feeling the same.

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