February 26, 2024

The Stewarts – Faith

The Stewarts find ‘Faith’ in a rough year with their new single 

CINCINNATI, OH – Del and Garry K. Stewart have been making music together for most of their lives. With a collection of amazing experiences and history behind them, The Stewarts have certainly proved their ability as artists. Their most recent single, “Faith” is a return to their history as a past work being brought back to the limelight. This track, amazing from the start, is back as a way to remind people of their faith in such a trying year and it is doing just that.  

The Stewarts have a fun and exciting sound that lights up a room. This single brings light to a rough time in all of our lives. “We decided to release the song because of the COVID-19 pandemic and what’s going on with the world. We wanted to give everybody the opportunity to have faith in the things they want to do in their lives.” This single is an amazing project that not only shows the world great music but provides a strong and well needed message to the people who need it.  

While “Faith” is a re-release, The Stewarts were able to get back into the studio with part of the track, a fun experience that allowed them to bring a strong new side to an already amazing project. “We re-recorded a portion of the track and mixed it with the parts that we decided to keep. It was an amazing experience.”  

The Stewarts have been making music together for more than 45 years. Their careers have been incredible and allowed them to truly find their sound and perfect their skills as musicians. Their Christian Pop sound is blended beautifully with an R&B and Gospel sound to create something truly unique. It blends modern with classic in a way that helps define a beautiful sound.  

This single is meant to bring faith and happiness  to the people who listen to it. The Stewarts focus their energy and their music on creating something that people can find comfort in. “Faith” is unquestionably the song to do that. It is an amazing and beautiful song with a story that is perfect for the situation we are all in right now.  

“Faith” is a brilliant track that seems to do exactly what it is meant for,  reminding people to have faith that things will get better. It is not the only exciting thing that The Stewarts are working on though. Their newest project is a song called “Stand” that they are preparing to release later this summer. The track is an exciting addition to their discography and well worth checking out. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbesBvZiEg0]

Check out The Stewarts’s new tracks and keep up with everything they are doing on social media. Links can be found below.  



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