Beauty Post: How To Choose the Right Foundation

Every woman knows the pain of purchasing the wrong shade of foundation. With all the different shades and coverage levels available, you may feel quite confused. But if you can determine your skin undertone and use industry-recommended testing techniques, you’ll find the perfect coverage for you!

Learn how to choose the right foundation with these simple steps. 

Skin Tone

Finding your skin tone from all the bottles and powders can be done narrowed down with swatches and testers. From the sample swatches, choose which one you think best fits your skin tone. Try to find a shade that is slightly lighter from your skin tone. Foundation oxidizes and darkens throughout the day.

After you’ve determined your skin undertone and foundation coverage, a tester will help you home in on the best match for you.


Skin undertones are as crucial as skin tones. An undertone refers to your skin’s tint. There are three types: warm, cool, and neutral. You can quickly check for your undertone by simply looking at your wrist. Here’s a guide to finding your undertones:• Cool – Your veins are blue. • Warm – Your veins appear green or olive.• Neutral – Blue or green isn’t discernable. 

Foundation Coverage

Choosing a coverage level is another important but overlooked aspect of knowing how to choose the right foundation. If you have acne-prone skin or want to blend your edges, full coverage will help, but it will take more time to find the right shade. Full-coverage foundations are often cream based and can add moisture during dry winter months.

Sheer coverage is an excellent option for summertime or if you want a dewier complexion. 


The best way to find the proper foundation is to apply the tester to your skin. Apply near the center of your cheek and blend out toward the jawline. Make sure you test while in natural lighting. 

Another testing tactic is to dab a cotton swab in makeup remover and drag it through the center of the makeup. If there is no difference between your skin and the coverage, you’vefound the right shade!

Finding the correct foundation can take some trial and error, but with these considerations in mind, you’ll become a foundation expert!

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