November 30, 2023

New Music: Jordn – Blessed | @onlyjordn

LA based hip-hop artist Jordn just dropped his new single “Blessed.” The track is powerful motivator after over a year of hardship and uncertainty, and serves not only to inspire himself but the people around him.“This song for me really was me giving myself a pep talk. I was feeling really down at that point in time for whatever reason, and I wanted to remind myself that I was actually doing a good job. It wasn’t just luck that ended me up here and I truly have something to share through what I create whether it’s by myself or collaboratively,” confides Jordn. After co-writing Chris Brown songs “You Like That, “Part of the Plan,” and “Cheetah” from his Indigo album, Jordn’s new single is a raw and thought-provoking track that has the artist reflecting on himself and life in its entirety, while setting the stage for his upcoming EP High Hopes.

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