November 30, 2023

Post: 4 New Powerful Lifestyle Changes You Need to Win in 2021

4 New Powerful Lifestyle Changes You Need to Win in 2021

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It’s already the middle of the year. Even though we’re in the middle of summer, having fun or battling the heat –depending on where you are, have you asked yourself what you’ve achieved this year? Have you done a half-year personal achievement audit? If yes, how are you doing? Are you killing it or just getting by? 

And if you haven’t done a personal achievement audit, why? If you’re not doing as well as you thought you would, chances are you’re still mired in bad habits that are leading to self-sabotage. Or, you’re simply trying to “wing it” instead of actually putting in the work and doing so strategically. 

Either way, none of these options are good. You need a third, more powerful option: changing your habits and elevating your game. If you’re struggling with your goals this year, here’s what you need to start doing to make the next half amazing for you. 

Stop Worrying

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Listen, there’s always a ton of things to worry about. But you have to rein in your mind and force it to concentrate on the most important things. Worry does nothing good for you. It only brings anxiety, disease, fear, and doubt. These are four states that take away your personal power and slow you down. 

Start practicing mindfulness, meditation, and gratitude journaling. Here’s the truth: whatever you’re grateful for, gets better and bigger. So do this for 20-30 minutes every day –preferably in the morning to set the tone of your day. 

Increase Your Physical Activity

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You need to take better care of your health. There’s currently a global obesity epidemic. Almost 43 percent of the population is obese. Unfortunately, obesity not only leads to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and arteriosclerosis, it dulls the mind. 

If you want to achieve awesome goals this year, you need more energy and mental clarity. Exercising helps with that. People who work out tend to have more stamina, are less tired, and are able to keep working long after others have retired to bed. 

Even better, the clear mind means that you get to work more strategically, outperforming many of your contemporaries in the process.   

Read Exciting Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

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Did you learn anything new that would help you be a better version of yourself today? How about this week? Okay, how about this month? If you haven’t read recently, it means you’re stagnating. 

People who read are generally more likely to lead and achieve more because they can implement the “secrets” hidden in books. Doubt it? Go read this Harvard Business School publication. It clearly shows that leaders read and vice versa. If you want to attain new heights, you’ve got to find the information you need. And this is only available in books. 

Cut out Alcohol

Did you that alcohol dulls the mind when taken in excessive quantities. In fact, studies have shown that it literally kills brain cells. If you’re an alcoholic, you need to get help immediately. Thankfully, there are facilities offering outpatient alcohol rehab services to help alcoholics quit drinking. 

Replace this with water. Water is invigorating, healthy, and does a great job of cleansing toxins from your body. When these toxins are cleared, you’re more likely to enjoy great health. 

Final Thoughts

With just these few tips, you can literally transform the remaining 6 months and make a killing by the end of the year. If you’ve been struggling with your personal goals, life, or work, you don’t have to anymore. You can achieve whatever you want. You just need to set your mind to it. Good luck. 

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