Post: 5 Underrated Fashion Items You Need to Own

Fashion is about so much more than clothes. It is a way that a person can express themselves and tell the world who they are. There are many items out there that could be the heroes of our closets if we let them. Here are the five underrated items that you should get for your wardrobe.

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Oversized hoodies and streetwear has become a mainstream staple over the last few years. Everyone is waking up to the relaxed shapes and comfort that comes from streetwear, and it is a welcome change from the form fitting skinny jeans that leave nothing to the imagination. Brands such as Ghost Supply Clothing and Wacko Maria are becoming fashion go-tos who like their style a little different.

Satin Robes

Is there anything else in this world that screams glamorous like satin robes? When it comes to relaxing, it should be done in style. Flannel pjs are out, sexy silks and satins are in. Why? Because they are more breathable and better to sleep in, making your time in bed even more comfortable. Silk and satin are a lot more durable so your nightwear will last at lot longer than your standard cotton pj’s,

Flip flops

After a day in killer heels, your feet need a chance to relax. Flip flops can get overlooked for a variety of reasons, the main one being that they can cause further damage to your feet. If you choose a pair with arch support or a pair that are designed to help runners with their leg cramps, you can help prevent any muscle damage and look stylish too. You can also use them instead of slippers to help keep your feet fresh. If you don’t like the feel of the thong between your toes, sliders are a great alternative, especially  now that you can get fluffy and glitter versions. You just might want to stay away from the Crocs.


If you want to balance style and comfort, knitwear is your go to item to add to your closet. Taking inspiration from the 1990’s, chunky knits can be paired with relaxed denim to create a casual look that can be worn all day and into the evening. And if you choose a natural fibre, it will last longer. But knitwear doens;t have to be bulky. Slinky, skinny halter necks were once a style staple, and it looks like they are making a massive comeback along with a lot of other trends from the 1990’s.


Who would have thought that a piece of cloth that covers your mouth and nose could become a statement of fashion and politics. Putting politics aside, the humble facemask has grown into a trend all of its own. Alternative cultures have been leading the way with spikes and studs for goths, and in Hip Hop and rap it has been embraced for many years as a way to distort an artists identity. Whatever your political views are, you can’t argue with the fact that facemasks have become the ultimate fashion accessory.

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