February 23, 2024

Post: Best Workouts To Try During the Summer

Warm weather and bright sunshine provide the perfect environment for a high-quality outdoor workout routine. As we break into the official beginning of late spring this May, look forward to the long summer days and the new activities you’ll do as places start opening up again. If you want to build your endurance, consider these best workouts to try during the summer for an interesting twist on exercise.

Try a Form of Dance

Dancing is sweaty, fast-paced, and fun. Every dance class you take is unique, and the more you practice, the better you’ll get. Stop using your two left feet as an excuse to avoid the dance floor and take the initiative to learn a form of dance that you’ve always wanted to try. Whether it’s hip-hop, swing, or tap dancing, you’ll have a blast taking a class with other beginners or learning online through videos. Plus, you can show off your skills at future gatherings and events.

Run a Charity Marathon

Many charity marathons take place during the summer, and hopefully, this summer is no exception. Find a local marathon or run happening in the coming months. Use its length as your target goal as you train your endurance for the big day. Having this goal will help you stay on your workout routine—especially if you struggle with motivation.

After you participate in your first charity run, you’ll want to keep working on your times. The more you run, the more you’ll donate to charities, and the better you’ll feel!

Take to the Trails

With all the wildlife and flora in bloom during the summer, consider shaking up your usual workout routine by visiting your local nature park. Whether you take a run by the ocean or a hike through the mountains is up to you. Do your best to check out every local nature park near home—or meet up with a friend and check out their local parks instead.

Use the park visit to have a picnic with close friends or try out meditation in a quiet spot. The best workouts to try during the summer are even more fun with those close to you; get fit together and meet your workout goals. Soon, exercising won’tfeel like a chore at all.

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