September 25, 2023

Ryan Mullane – Music Lives

Debut artist PIVE is in search of immortality with new album I Will Forever Be 

SPOKANE, WA – Independent artist Ryan Mullane, better known as PIVE, is a musician who is starting his career in a big way. Having written music for much of his life, he is finally taking the plunge with the release of his first ever album. I Will Forever Be is a collection of tracks with a conscious Hip Hop sound and the goal of lasting through the generations. It is also a call to all kinds of people looking to follow their dreams, telling them that it is never too late.  

“I called the album I Will Forever Be essentially with the intention of telling people that I am forever going to be this artist and this person.” His style leans into the older and more culturally relevant styles of Hip Hop, mixing the modern with the memorable to create something truly unique. “I’m trying to bring back the kind of lyrics that hit the most. You don’t hear very many songs anymore that are timeless and actually hit hard.” He is doing an amazing job of achieving this goal with the emotion and lyricism that go into each track.  

Within the album there is an overlying theme of taking over. “Throughout the album, you’ll hear me refer to a circus. It is my way of saying that while it is cool that the genre has condensed into this singular sound, there is a new kind of uniqueness in the rap game now. It’s my circus and I’m taking over.” Mullane is truly taking the scene by storm with this album and the many amazing tracks that can be found on it.  

Mullane has been writing music since he was only 10 years old. With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, his lyricism is truly a honed craft. Now that he has experienced life and found himself in a comfortable position, he decided it was time to finally put his hard work and writing to good use. The two singles that have already been released from the album “Music Lives” and “Girlfriends Dreams” have already received a great deal of attention and appreciation from those who have had the chance to hear them. The tracks showcase an advanced style of lyricism that is truly impressive. 

In all of his tracks, Mullane focuses on showing his audience that anything is possible. “For everyone that listens to my music, I say anyone can go after their dreams if they try hard enough. It’s going to be a bitch to get through it and there will be tons of ups and downs, but if you keep pushing and believing in yourself, you’ll make something happen.  

As a musician who is determined to make things happen, Mullane is already hard at work putting together Act II of the I Will Forever Be album. He is excited to release more new music and cannot wait to share his next project with the world.  


Be sure to check out Ryan Mullane as PIVE on social media and stream his music. Links to all of this can be found below.


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