Brutha Faya – Night and Day

Brutha Faya brings fire into your heart with meld of genres on multiple new single releases 

NEW YORK, NY – Brutha Faya is an artist who is all about expressing music by any means necessary. He is the brother who brings fire into your heart. His purpose is to sell records, of course, but his mission through music is far more than that. He wants to create vibes and share messages that will help communities on a local, national and global level. No matter how bad the economy is or how oppressive culture can get, music has always been able to bring people together, he said. And his music is the kind that he hopes will serve as healing medicine for a lot of people. 

His latest offering to the world is a set of singles that are already starting to get major notoriety after only a few weeks of release. The standout single is “Night And Day,” which features a Pop-infused vibe against a slow jam with an intriguing juxtaposition of melodies and harmonies. It’s a song with a nice sway and a message of rebirth that often comes after a storm.  

“It’s a song told from the point of view of a couple that has lost family and close friends during COVID,” Brutha Faya said. “They’re struggling to make it, and they see hope at the end of the tunnel. In spite of all the things going on, they’re trying to stay positive – which is how all of us feel right now. This song encourages you to remember that good things are going to happen. After COVID there will be a rebirth, just like after every hardship there is a rebirth.” 

Brutha Faya further emphasizes that point across three other singles that are currently available across all streaming platforms. With “Don’t Get Me Started,” he offers and R&B and Reggae classic sound fused with Indie Rock and Hip-hop for a melodic singing/rapping vibe that talks about the ups-and-downs of relationships. On “Home Run,” Brutha Faya admonishes anyone who adds fuel to the fire of racial tension and encourages all races of the world to come together and recognize the similarities we all share. He offers a light and vibrant feel with an Island vibe that makes good use of Indie Pop and Alternative sounds. And on “Inside Your Heart” Brutha Faya uses R&B melodies set against impressive raps and a light-electric-guitar-driven melody to share a simple love song that’s equal parts inspiring and sentimental. 

“I’m not about going against the grain, but making it smoother for everybody to enjoy the difference in music, cultures, and this thing we call society,” Brutha Faya said. “I’m out to support the public – first by offering music at extremely low prices and performing at events that help the community, and second by informing and educating the public on ways to get ahead. I make it easy for those who believe in themselves to get ahead. Ultimately I want my music to be remembered for its originality and its truthfulness. I like to speak about things that are relevant. And I like to speak about hope. That’s what I’d like to be remembered for.” 


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