Post: Is Your Post Workout Pain Normal? These 3 Issues Mean You Need to See a Doctor

Pushing through pain when exercising is something many people are familiar with. The soreness of a previous workout or your body pushed to its limits can cause different types of pain for different people when working out. After all, you want your body to be the physical condition it can be, and pushing boundaries to improve your strength and fitness is par for the course.

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However, when it comes to pain, do you know the difference between soreness from pushing too hard in the gym and the type of pain that your body is emitting, warning you of an illness or injury? There is a fine line between pain from working out and serious injury, and knowing when your pain means something is wrong can help you avoid doing more damage by ignoring it.

Chest Pain

Chest pain is up there as the number you definitely should not ignore. Muscle soreness from an extensive workout and increasing your strength is something you should recognize, and with some heat and ice packs therapy and rest, it should subside in a few days.

A crushing weight on your chest, pain in your arm, nausea, or the onset of sharp, extreme pain can indicate something is wrong. Make sure you know the signs of a heart attack in both men and women as they can present differently to identify if you need to head to an emergency room for treatment.


Not strictly a pain but most definitely an indicator that something is wrong in your body. We all expect to be breathless from a good workout, but breathlessness that doesn’t improve over time or seems not to be related to anything can be a massive indicator that something is wrong. 

In many cases, on its own, breathlessness can be a cause for concern and can indicate many conditions such as adult-onset of asthma. However, when in conjunction with other symptoms such as weight loss for no reason, chest pain, fevers, and associated breathing problems, your doctor will need to get to the bottom of the cause and will look to identify a range of conditions, including the symptoms of mesothelioma so they can treat you effectively.

Joint Pain

Muscle soreness is par for the course when it comes to working out. Everyone expects this to happen after most or all of their workouts, especially if they are increasing their stamina or building muscle mass. However, joint pain for no reason and isn’t a result of an accident can be worrying. The typically minor joint pain will go away within a couple of weeks or rest and support; however, if your notice increased levels of pain on some or all of your joints or you are experiencing pain doing day to day tasks, then this is something that needs to be addressed so you doctor can find that cause of the issue.

Knowing your body and what is and isn’t normal can help you avoid going to the doctor for issues you can self-treat at home. But in some cases, a trip to your healthcare provider is warranted. It will allow you to get the necessary treatment for your ailments and rule out any serious or sinister causes that you are worried about.

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