February 26, 2024

Post: Why Your Website Needs A Blog

There is no denying that adding a blog to your company website can really boost your authority online. 

While the debate rages over whether blogging is still thriving in 2021, a blog on a company website will stand the test of time. Why? Because the more people buy from you or use a service you offer, the more they will need to know about topics relating to what you offer. 

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Plus, everyone knows that when it comes to hitting the top of the search results, content is a key element of your SEO efforts, and you can greatly benefit from the additional support this can offer you. 

However, there is no denying that starting a blog can be hard work, and creating informative content that people will find useful consistently takes time and effort. So before you put in that time and effort, what are the benefits of adding a blog to your website? 


How are you imploring your customers the reason why they need to purchase from your company? Sure selling the services or products is one thing, but exploring and informing your clients to give them a round extensive reason can make all the difference between browsing a website and actually making the purchase. Solidify your marketing efforts with content that supports your business and boosts your sales. 

Show off your business. 

A product listing can only share so much information. So creating a blog that fully explores products, services, or trending topics in your industry can help you show off in more detail exactly why people need to choose you to do business with. 

To make life easier, you should pick up tips on how best to utilize the tech you have to hand in to allow you a seamless transition from listings to blog posts to get the most out of your new business blog. If not, make sure you employ someone proficient in creating blog posts and informative content who can undertake this work for you. 

Boost your social media pages 

Social media is vital for small businesses, and supporting your social media activities with relevant content can give you a leg up in the marketing stakes. Create content that is highly shareable and that people will want to see. Make sure it is relevant to your industry, and your customer or followers will want to see it. 

When it comes to great social media content, you need to make sure you are keeping it consistent with the blog post, and this means using the same type of wording and imagery as in the blog post or on your social media. Ensure you know how to transfer videos from iphone to mac to share online and how best to source or edit images to support the content you are sharing. 

Establish a brand voice

What is it you want to say about your company? Creating a brand voice is something every company should focus on, and it needs to be consistent across the board. Take a long hard look at the values you believe in and how this is represented across your company. A blog on your website can help you create and solidify this voice to capture your branding in a more in-depth way and explore more about the company, not just what you can purchase. The more consumers know about you and what you stand for, the easier it will be to see if their values align with yours. 

Improving rankings

Google loves websites that are updated regularly regardless of what is on them. Typically if you are offering the same products or services, you won’t be updating the website regularly. This could indicate that you have nothing to offer to Google, and thus your place in the rankings could slip. A blog offers a way to push that content that Google loves and help you remain on top of your SERPs for your keywords and associated terms. 

Boost your CTA efforts

If you are struggling to make conversions, blog posts offer you an easy way to add a CTA to your website to help you create leads and finalize purchases. Look at this as a way into your sales funnel by offering multiple options to click through to purchase or make an inquiry you can capture and turn into a sale. Always finish off captions or posts with a question or ask them to perform a task such as subscribing. When prompted, people tend to make the effort rather than closing the page or post.

In short, there are many benefits to your business to adding a blog to your website.

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