September 21, 2023

True Facts and Haze – Busy

Hip-hop duo True Facts and Haze get ‘Busy’ with groovy, inspirational new single 

GREENVILLE, NC – Punchlines and metaphors meet deep lyrical content on the new music from hip-hop duo True Facts and Haze. Their latest single, “Busy,” is a laid-back hip-hop groove that inspires listeners to maintain focus while chasing dreams and sets a chill vibe that is hypnotic and groovy.  

Hailing from Greenville, North Carolina, these two brothers have been doing music together for years and have steadily grown a national fanbase that is dedicated and eager for more music. Having performed in major venues in Miami, New York, Charlotte, and more, True Facts and Haze have a pedigree of excellence that has become well-known among industry insiders. They produce hit after hit, and “Busy” is no exception. Released under their new company No Sleep Entertainment, the song is a precursor to a full-project that they’re developing that should come out later this year – a project that will fully showcase the duality of talent that they bring to the table. 

“I’m someone who always has punchlines and metaphors and stuff like that, while True Facts is more lyrical,” Haze said. “When you bring those two things together you have an amazing sound – storytelling and punchlines all together as one. That makes us stand out more and be a better group than others in the game today. We’re not just one solo talent, we’re two different talents with different rap styles that blend perfectly together. We make music that will live on and that you can play forever. It never grows old.” 

True Facts and Haze first got their start rapping in their neighborhood as young boys. Now, 14 years later, they have fully tapped into the potential that blossomed as young boys. And as their company name suggests, they rarely sleep because of how often they’re working. Sometimes they even sleep in the studio because of how dedicated they are to their craft.  

“If I send him a beat, or vice versa, we’ll get on it right then,” Haze said. “We start collaborating and get together and start writing and by the time we get in the studio and lay it down it just comes out perfect. It isn’t hard for us to come together and lay something down because we’ve doing it for a long time and it’s just effortless at this point. If he’s got something, I already know it’s fire. He’s never let me down and I’m never gonna let him down. And when we bring all that together, it becomes a masterpiece.” 


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