CMC Guapo – Flight Mileage

CMC Guapo continues string of hits with latest single ‘Flight Mileage’ 

DETROIT, MI – CMC Guapo does not rap. Sure, he’s a rapper – one of the standout rappers of the Upper Midwest, in fact. But he does not merely rap. He’s an artist who talks to his people and shares his life experiences. And his new single, “Flight Mileage,” is the exact kind of lifestyle record that is resonating with millions of potential fans all over the world.  

Produced by the notorious Michigan J Malcolm, CMC Guapo’s “Flight Mileage” is everything hip-hop fans will recognize about Detroit-influenced music, but with his own unique twist. As he shares the story of a day in his life, CMC Guapo offers an impressive flow and aggressive vibe that not only gets listeners hyped but motivates them to pursue their own aspirations in life. 

“It’s a song all about my success and how I’m pursuing this career as a recording artist by traveling all around the world,” he said. “I’ve got a lot of music that features that Detroit vibe. With this one you get a feel-good song that tells the story of my life, but with a ray of sunshine in there.” 

Having dealt with past traumas of losing friends, being shot, and seeing the loss of his late ex-manager JB, Guapo pours out all his pain, passion and trauma in his music. But all of that is laced with expression of hope, inspired by the ray of sunshine in his life that is new beautiful daughter.  

“I’m 100 percent focused because I can’t fail,” he said. “She needs me.” 

CMC Guapo first started on his journey as a recording artist during his freshman year of high school while living in Palmdale, California. He often went back-and-forth from California to Michigan, and his background in foster care led to many expulsions from several schools. But along the way he developed countless relationships with individuals who shared similar dreams of making it in the rap game.  

His early inspirations came from both family and friends. He was also inspired by a collective of artists known as the Commission Squad, which released music and performed locally in Detroit. But it wasn’t until he met his friend Von Classic – who was a budding young producer at the time – that he really started developing his own unique sound and style. Together they created something that truly stands out, and people all over Detroit started to take notice. Eventually Guapo was able to link up with hit-maker Helluva (who has credits with Tee Grizzley, Med Thee Stallion, and E-40), and released his heat-seeker record “Trenches.” That project immediately put him on the radar as an artist to watch in Detroit.  

Guapo later worked with Grizzley Gang Entertainment and collaborated with artists on their roster alongside Tee Grizzley and Sada Baby. With his buzz and energy growing in the city, Guapo continued to make moves and released a number of records and videos. He hasn’t looked back since, and “Flight Mileage” is only the latest of his hits. He’s ready to follow that up with yet another single called “Paradise,” which is set to drop in the next month. He also plans to release an EP in the first quarter of 2022. 


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