Post: 5 Ways To Focus on Better Posture

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If you want to supercharge yourself in mind and body, you wouldn’t necessarily consider your posture to be so crucial, but when you think about it, your posture dictates a lot about who you are. Standing up properly will mean you are breathing better, but you also feel better because you are in a more confident stance. So what are the best ways, healthwise, emotionally, and physically, to address our posture? 

Fix the Small Problems

You might be someone that experiences a lot of lower back pain. If this is the case, there are so many chiropractic care services that can get to work on fixing lower back pain, especially if it stems from a lifetime of poor posture. We have to fix the problems as soon as possible because if we let them fester, they will be harder to fix later in life. So if you notice little issues, like lower back pain, knots, or signs of tension, address these right away. 

Stop Slouching

You might have heard your mother telling you to “sit up straight,” and now you know why! If you slouch, it’s placing more stress on your spine, which means that your bones, joints, and muscles will experience more strain as a result. Also don’t forget that slouching is detrimental to your inside organs, making it harder for your intestines and lungs to work properly! You can fix this by wearing a posture corrector, and this will get you into the right mindset to focus on avoiding the dreaded slouch. 

Start Exercising Properly

Exercising is good for us but we have to focus on form. Remember, our back can experience a lot of pain because of improper form in moves like deadlifts or squats, so we have to start light, and make sure that we are doing the move properly. This is not just going to get us stronger in our body, but it is going to prevent all those horrible pains. 

Be Aware of Text Neck

If you’re on your smartphone all day, stop looking down. Take a minute every day to stretch your neck in the other direction. Because if you tilt your head down to check all your messages, this is going to put a big strain on your spine, which will accumulate over time. You may look strange in public, but lifting your phone up will make a big difference in the long run!

Start a Good Physical Practice

It’s about making sure these habits get into place. Look at the people who have fantastic posture, like ballet dancers, and take a leaf out of their book. There are some amazing resources online, including the video below, and there are ballet classes that you could go to. 

When it comes to posture, it’s something we really cannot underestimate. When we see people with poor posture struggling to walk, a lot of these issues could have been offset through good posture when they were younger. So instead, learn from them, and start now.

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