September 21, 2023

Post: 5 Essential Items To Keep In Your Purse This Winter

5 Essential Items To Keep In Your Purse This Winter

The winter months are fast approaching which means it is time to put away your Summer outfits for another year and fetch those jumpers out from the back of your closet. As you do this, it might also be a good time to start thinking about updating the contents of your purse for the colder and darker months ahead. Here are five essential items to keep in your purse at all times this winter.

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  1. Gloves or Mittens

Nobody enjoys their hands getting so cold that they almost turn numb, however, with all that ice scraping and winter walking this is a real possibility unless you leave the house fully prepared. Keeping a pair of thick winter gloves in your purse will save you from forgetting them in a rush and running to the next clothes store to buy yet another pair to add to your collection at home. 

  1. Portable Power Bank

Mobile phone battery life is getting increasingly less reliable as we rely on them to do more for us like taking photos, calling, texting, scrolling, and much more. Ironically, mobile phones tend to run out of battery life when they are needed the most such as in emergency situations or when something really amazing happens but you have nothing to capture the moment with. Getting a portable power bank for your phone from somewhere like, will be a worthwhile investment and welcome addition to your purse this winter. 

  1. Hand Cream and Chapstick

Throughout winter, keeping your moisturized is key since the cold weather can leave it dry and even cracked if neglected. Keep a good quality hand cream and chapstick in your purse at all times to ensure that your skin has the hydration it needs when cold weather strikes. For these items, it’s worth spending that little bit extra to ensure that you are applying a quality product to your skin, and usually a little goes a long way so that they can last you the whole season.

  1. A Mini Umbrella

Even if you don’t live in a particularly rainy area or the weather forecast has estimated a dry day, you’ll be thankful one day for the tiny umbrella at the bottom of your bag. Being cold is one thing but being cold and wet is a whole other story. It’s not worth suffering in the rain as you search for your car at the supermarket so always carry this essential item to avoid any unpleasant scenarios like this from happening. 

  1. A Small Torch

You never know when a torch will come in handy. Whether you are trying to find the lock on your front door or attempting to change the tyre on your car, having a light will make life much simpler and you might even find one small enough to fit on your key chain.

Carry these five essential items in your purse throughout winter to be completely prepared for any eventuality so that you can look forward to celebrating the festive seasons with peace of mind.

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