New Mixtape: Evol drops Anti-Hero

NFT’s illest Cherub on the blockchain has expanded his world into music. Evol who was created by KidEight has built a huge following in the NFT space with multiple sold out drops but today KidEight is dropping more than just visual art and JPGs.  Evol is releasing his debut mixtape and this is no virtual gimmick.  The snippet is actually very good and can go against any of your top ten hip hop records.  Think Eminem when he was most passionate mixed with Tupac’s mood on Me Against the World.  That’s kind of what we were getting from the snippet.  Nevertheless we’re looking forward to hearing more from Evol.  When asked why he got into music Evol released the following statement.

“My intention was never to start rapping but after repeatedly seeing rappers enter the space and drop the ball it made sense for me to show them how it’s done. Funny to think the hardest rapper on the blockchain is a 2000 year old cherub. I want all the gas’

Hotter than the average drop! Evol’s collection includes the following:

A collection of 8000+ uniquely created single covers, each combined with select musical pieces of Evol’s first song release.  This will be the first time a music track has been released and split into sections to create ‘traits’. Traits of NFTs have become the driving force of their appeal and value.

The traits of this drop will feed into the metadata and create rarity depending on what section of the track and what visual aspects the artwork has. This is truly a new blueprint for independent artists to reward and engage fans through blockchain mechanics.

Pieces from this collection will be given out for free to collectors of G’EVOLs.

Collectors will be rewarded with a different number of NFTs depending on their holdings of the G’EVOLs collection.  A future ‘stake and burn’ mechanic will be implemented for holders to receive new music or EVOL content. For more info, visit KidEight.

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