February 26, 2024

Lillie Mae, The Collective Is Changing The Game

When it comes to the entertainment and music industry ATL’s “The Collective” Lillie Mae does not go unnoticed both nationally and internationally. Her roles consist of Business Consultant, Media Correspondent, Public Educator, CEO & Station Manager at ID 104 Radio, Executive VP of SKY IV Records, and CEO of Consulting Express.

Lillie Mae utilizes her media platforms, It’s Consulting Time, All Things Authentic, and ID 104 Radio to provide an outlet for all creatives to share both their voices and talent. Her platforms also have an interactive avenue to shine a light on human rights and social justice/injustice. “I’m versatile and believe in purpose over popularity.”

Connect with Lillie Mae below

Twitter: @senojconsulting

Facebook: (5k+ likes) @lilliemaethecollective (5k+ likes)

Instagram: (25k+ followers) @senojconsultingxpress | @lilliemae_thecollective | @id104radio | @skyiv_records (25k+ followers)

Website: www.skyivrecords.net/the-collective

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LillieMaeSENOJBrownMermaidCollective

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