Post: Surprising Daily Habits That Could Be Sabotaging Your Health

Surprising Daily Habits That Could Be Sabotaging Your Health

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Most people know smoking, substance abuse, lack of exercise, poor diet, and alcoholism as the usual suspects of habits that adversely affect human health. But other subtle bad habits can also slowly chip away your health. For most people, some of these bad habits are such a regular part of their daily lives that they’ve become hard to recognize. Plus, their effects on the body are usually so slow that you can easily ignore them. But if you see yourself in any of the examples below, then it’s time to reset.

Being obsessed with social media

With about 4.55 billion people actively using social media, the digital world has become a part of many people’s daily lives. While social media offers several benefits, including keeping in touch with loved ones and the world outside, being addicted to these online platforms can be detrimental to your mental health. Research has found that it may contribute to symptoms of depression in several ways. Many people stress themselves out wishing they could live the lives they see on social media, while fake news, wrong information, and sad news can also dampen a person’s mood. Be sure to disconnect from all forms of social media for a while and other the natural or real world around you.

Ignoring your finances 

If you don’t know it yet, there is a strong connection between health and finances. Many people rank money issues as their main source of stress. Plus, it can be very difficult to live a healthy life if you don’t have some form of financial stability. 

That’s because whenever you don’t feel like your money or finances are under control, you end up stressed and filled with anxiety about the future. In such cases, nothing else becomes important. Now is the time to regain control of your finances, either finding ways to settle your debt or looking for new streams of income.

Also, if you use any expensive health device like a hearing aid, you need to ensure that it doesn’t become a source of a financial headache. You can learn more about the hearing aid warranty, what it covers, and how it can benefit you financially.  

Ignoring mild recurring symptoms

Remember that niggling headache that just wouldn’t go away? How about that mild pain in your shoulder whenever you lift something heavy? Regardless of how mild any pain or discomfort is, if you’ve experienced it for over a year, you need to have it examined. 

Pain is always an indication that something is wrong with your body, and the earlier you have it examined, the easier it’ll be to identify the problem and treat it.

Using self-criticism

While it is okay, to be honest with yourself, it is never a good idea to drown yourself with self-criticism. Judging yourself harshly because of mistakes you make, highlighting your flaws, or putting yourself down all the time can do a lot of damage to your mental health.

Instead, practice self-compassion and speak positive words to yourself every day.

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