September 21, 2023

Post: Digital Marketing Myths You Need To Stop Believing 

Digital Marketing Myths You Need To Stop Believing 

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From new statistics available, digital advertising is expected to exceed 60% of global advertising expenditure in 2022 as more businesses continue to leverage various online marketing strategies to improve their brand visibility. As online marketing continues to rise and evolve, countless articles continue to pop up talking about how to improve our digital marketing strategy. But whether you’re new to online marketing or have used it for several years, it is important to draw the line between what works and what are just myths. Here are some digital marketing myths that do not work. 

  1. The more marketing tech solutions you invest in, the more successful you become

The marketing technology (Martech) landscape is vast and complicated, with as many as 8,000 Martech tools available. If you want to take your online marketing strategies to the next level, you cannot ignore these tools. However, contrary to what many business owners believe, you don’t need anything beyond half a dozen Martech tools to reap their benefits. And you certainly do not need to cripple your marketing budget by investing in many Martech tools. The most important thing is to identify the right tools that’ll work well with your digital marketing strategy. 

  1. A catchy website is all the digital presence you need

There are currently over 1.93 billion websites permeating the digital space. This gives you some perspective on the level of competition out there. Regardless of how catchy, user-friendly, unique, or modern your website design is, it is not enough to give you the digital presence you need. Of course, that is unless you’re not looking to boost online visibility. If you want a website design that attracts viewers without them actively seeking you out, you need to incorporate other digital marketing strategies. Leveraging keywords through search engine marketing and social media marketing are some of the most commonly used options. 

  1. Digital marketing is the only way

Despite the increasing popularity of digital marketing, it is not necessarily true that it’s better than traditional marketing. Moreover, not every business needs digital marketing to succeed, especially when the online marketing realm has become rather saturated. Traditional marketing still plays an integral role and works hand-in-hand with its digital counterpart to provide a complete marketing strategy. 

  1. You can reach anyone, anywhere

Not all digital marketing platforms reach all target audiences. Even popular social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have slightly different targets. Search engines like Google do not always reach the type of market you need. To make your digital marketing effective, you need to identify your target audience and find the best platforms and marketing strategies that will help you reach them.

  1. You have to give digital marketing a ‘try’

You don’t want to get into digital marketing without a plan, and giving it a try just to see how it goes, will hardly work for your business. It would be best to have a strategy that considers your business goals, business type, target audience, marketing budget, and so on. 

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