Post: What to Expect When Recovering From Plastic Surgery

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What to Expect When Recovering From Plastic Surgery


Having plastic surgery is a personal choice, and it’s a choice that’s not for everyone. If you are one of the people who want to take the plastic surgery plunge, then there are a lot of things you need to remember and take into consideration. You are going to have certain expectations of yourself and of your doctor, but if you read this following list of things that you may experience when you are having and recovering from plastic surgery, you will have a clearer understanding of your experience. 

You Will Not Look the Same

The point of plastic surgery is to fix or enhance something, but when you wake up after surgery, you are going to have to remember that you are not going to look the same at first. Depending on what surgery you had, muscles and tissues need to settle and that can take some time. You will be bruised and you will have stitches and you need time to heal. 

There is also going to be some swelling with your surgery and that is not going to come down fast either. You are going to have to set aside time to heal, and take all the time you need. Everyone’s bodies are different so if you spoke to another patient who was looking great in a short amount of time, you may not have the same experience.

You Are Going to Be In Pain

Having surgery is painful. It’s just a fact. You are having your body opened and altered and that is not going to always feel great. The area of your body where you were operated on is going to have a lot of discomfort. Know this when you are going into your surgery so that when you get out of surgery you are not taken by surprise. 

Before your surgery happens, you and your doctor will create a pain management program for you that you feel comfortable with so that as soon as your surgery is over you can start managing your pain so that you can feel better fast. Once again, it’s different for everyone. For example, breast augmentation recovery is different for everyone because that surgery differs from patient to patient. 

Your Body Will Move Differently

Your body is going to not only feel different, but it may move differently as well depending on where you had your surgery. Breast augmentation is, once again, a surgery that will cause you to move a bit different until the swelling goes down. Just keep this in mind, 

For other surgeries you may not be able to move your head as well or you may not be able to sit for extended periods of time. Just remember this and don’t be afraid when you have a few weeks to a month or two of having to get around differently. 

You Won’t Be Able to Exercise

One of the many reasons to get plastic surgery is to help yourself feel and look better. Typically, a lot of people use surgery as a means of being able to get in good shape faster. For a lot of patients, plastic surgery and working out go hand in hand. Be advised that when you are done with your surgery, you may not be able to work out for a while. 

You may want to have your procedure after you have reached a fitness goal. Once you come out of surgery you may have to wait weeks to months before you can get back to your normal workout routine. You will get there eventually, so don’t be too upset. 

Eat Well

Your nutrition is super important when you are recovering from any kind of surgery. Getting the proper nutrients and staying hydrated will help speed up your recovery so that you can get back on your feet fast. 

Before you go into your procedure, go food shopping and get all the food you think you are going to need for a couple of weeks. It may also be to your benefit to do a little meal planning as well so that some of your meals are already prepped for you to make it easier to cook them and eat. Check with your doctor as to what diet is best for you after your surgery. 

Have a Support System Assembled

You are not going to be able to go through it alone. You are going to need a lot of help doing a lot of things when you get out of your surgery, and you are going to need someone to give you a hand. You may need help getting to the bathroom, preparing meals, changing dressings, and changing clothes and bathing. If you are alone, this can feel next to impossible to do at all. 

Before your surgery make sure you are going to have someone or multiple people on hand to stay with you and help you in the early days. The less you have to do, the quicker you can recover from your surgery and get back to life feeling better than before. 

Follow Up With Your Doctor

Stay in constant communication with your doctor. No question is too big or too small. Your health is your number one priority and if you are feeling something that you think is wrong, or if you feel you are getting sick, call your doctor immediately. He or she is always available to ensure that you are going to get well and get well fast. 


Surgery is a big deal whether it’s necessary or elective. Changes made to the human body can cause a domino effect that can have lifelong effects. If you take care of yourself after your surgery and do all the things your doctor tells you to do, you will not have anything to worry about or anything to fear. 

Above all else, give yourself time. Everyone heals at a different rate and everyone’s experience is different. Don’t rush the healing process. 

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