February 27, 2024

Shot of a mother helping her baby girl wash her hands in the bathroom sink

Post: How Your Children Can Be Hygienic from a Young Age

Shot of a mother helping her baby girl wash her hands in the bathroom sink

It helps with so many issues to be hygienic from a young age rather than waiting for problems to arise. You can teach your kids how to do this, which will help prevent common issues later.

Begin with Simple Dental Care

You can begin their personal hygiene journey with dental care. Dental care should begin as soon as your child has a single tooth. Of course, they cannot do this themselves. But by toddler age, you can show them how to care for their teeth. You should also introduce your kids to their childhood dentist as soon as possible, so they get used to it. Dental offices are filled with kids who are scared. So getting ahead of this can help prevent issues before they even arise.

Demonstrate and Be the Example

Among the most effective ways to teach children how to do something is to do it yourself and be friendly about it. If your child sees you skipping showers or not brushing your teeth, they may think it’s okay to do the same. Your children are more inclined to follow your rules if you set them. And most kids will learn better from seeing what other kids also do. So, if you wash your hands or brush your teeth with all your kids, they will find it easy to do the same.

Help Kids Be Hygienic from a Young Age with Rewards

Kids love getting things for doing good. And keeping yourself clean is no different. If your child is young, you might give them a small treat that isn’t food, like a sticker, when they finish one of their health and hygiene activities for the day. But make a morning routine instead of giving the kids treats for just doing what’s expected. Studies have shown that this can make them feel like they have some control over the situation. Which will lead to behavior problems down the road.

Make Getting Clean a Fun Experience

A great way to get your kids to do things like chores and routines is to make them fun. For instance, you can sing a song while washing your hands to make sure you do it for the right amount of time. This is one of the things that people are told to do to prevent COVID. But change the songs often, so they don’t get tired of them. And try to give them something they can focus on, like their favorite toy, or you can also adapt their favorite nursery rhyme while washing.

Teach the Importance of Self Care

You know as an adult that personal hygiene is about more than just your physical health. Most children don’t know this, though. Self-care means taking care of your overall health and learning to appreciate yourself by making sure your body is happy and healthy. When your kids are young, teach them how important it is to love and take care of themselves. This will help them feel better about themselves as they grow older and get them ready for personal hygiene.


Helping your kids be hygienic from a young age will help them later in life. You can begin with dental care, try offering rewards for routine, and teach the mental importance of self-care.

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