February 27, 2024

Post: How to Get Over Your Fear of Going to the Dentist

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One of the most common childhood fears would be the trip to the dentist. It’s so common that there are more than enough cartoons and children’s stories for this fear. But what if you were an adult? Well, honestly, it’s still a thing to be afraid of a dentist as an adult. While it’s not healthy, what matters most is getting over this fear so you can focus on your oral hygiene. So, what can you do to fight back against this fear? Keep reading on to find out more! 

Start By Identifying the Source of Your Fear

A fear of going to the dentist can stem from a variety of things. It could be a bad experience from childhood or a memory of someone you know who had a terrible trip to the dentist. Other reasons you might be hesitant to go to the dentist include feeling embarrassed by the close proximity of a hygienist and/or dentist to your face or having concerns about your teeth’s appearance or maybe even odor. 

You may also be worried about the cost of treatment or the possibility that you might get bad news that will cause more serious issues down the road. Whatever the root of your fear, you should not let it hold you back. Talking with a mental health professional and practicing anxiety-reducing techniques can help you conquer your dental fears. Dental check ups are vital, and you honestly can’t skip them as your dental health connects to the rest of your health. So it’s crucial to start off by focusing on why you have this issue in the first place.

Find a Dentist You Can Trust

Maybe you have a fear or discomfort mostly due to the fact that you’ve had unpleasant dentists in the past. Getting a new doctor can help with this. Find a doctor who is warm and caring and doesn’t make you feel nervous. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Overall, a nice doctor is going to make a massive difference. Plus, once you have a nice dentist, you can feel comfortable asking them questions. 

Sometimes that lack of knowledge in an appointment makes things extra scary. Many people are afraid of the sounds of dental tools and the thought of them in their mouths, which can lead to a serious lack of visitation and a host of problems that will only get worse over time. A good way to get accustomed to these tools is to request a “meet-and-greet” with them.

Bring Someone with You

While oftentimes parents would accompany children, there isn’t anything wrong with doing this as an adult. Having someone with you who can help calm your nerves is an excellent way to take your mind off the appointment. Sometimes, the dental staff is also welcoming when it comes to allowing others to go into the room with you. Overall, your dental care is important, and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed for the fear or anxiety you get. What matters is that you’re working on improving it while also working towards keeping your health good too. 

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