Post: What Are The Biggest Barriers To Healthcare Access?

What Are The Biggest Barriers To Healthcare Access?

Access to quality healthcare can pretty much be considered as a basic human right, but not everyone has the luxury to afford it. Although there have been tremendous technological advancements in this space, certain barriers remain persistent in healthcare access. The World Health Organisation reports that half of the world’s population struggles to access healthcare, making you wonder what these barriers are. This post delves into the top three access challenges that the US healthcare system faces.

  1. Healthcare staffing shortages

There’s growing concern about staffing shortages in the healthcare sector. As of May this year, a Time Magazine report described it as a crisis in the US healthcare system. This problem began gradually but has reached worrying levels, and if nothing is done to mitigate the situation, dire consequences await. It’s a significant obstacle that continues to be fueled by a growing population and a scary increase in chronic diseases. That means the risk of fewer specialists for emerging diseases will be higher than is being noticed now.

Healthcare is critical to every country’s growth and development. Therefore, an acute staffing shortage may threaten the very existence of nations and their people. 

The 2020 pandemic opened a can of worms, especially where healthcare is concerned in the US. The undeniable strain on the existing health workforce showed the hidden deficiencies many failed to acknowledge. So, if you’ve been to a health facility recently, look out for certain things that indicate growing healthcare staffing shortages. First, you’ll likely notice fewer appointment availability and longer wait times. Many have already witnessed this and have resorted to alternative treatments unrelated to Western medicine.

  1. Costs of medical treatment

There’s no denying the obvious truth – healthcare in the US is expensive, so only those who can afford it benefit from quality treatment options. A cursory Google search reveals that it costs an average of $12,900 per person where healthcare is concerned. Healthcare cost in the US is one of the highest worldwide, so it’s unsurprising that the majority face challenges with the system. Further research reveals that many can’t 

afford basic treatment costs, let alone specialized ones. The latter requires ongoing monitoring, many consultations, and a cocktail of medications to be bought. That’s why conducting thorough research regarding the specific field of your specialized care is vital. For instance, if you’re getting male specialized treatment, researching related topics like TRT cost can prove helpful so you can make an informed decision.

  1. Insufficient insurance coverage

According to Statista, 92% of the US population has health insurance – that’s good news. However, not everyone with health insurance has adequate coverage to cushion them from expensive treatment. This reality makes it a significant barrier to healthcare access, preventing some people from affording universal healthcare. However, your concern must be overcoming these barriers to access quality healthcare. You can start by talking to insurance experts to discover which coverage options work for you and how you can access them.

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