10 Tips To Help You Boost Your Self-Image


Many people suffer from a negative self-image. They might believe they aren’t smart enough, funny enough, cool enough. They could think that they will never look as good as the people they see on social media, or that their work is not as excellent as their coworkers. 

Whatever they feel, the truth is often far different and your self-image is exactly that: something you have created that might not really exist. Of course, it’s rarely that simple to overcome these negative thoughts. So how can you boost your self-image? Here are ten tips to consider. 

Write A List Of Things You Want to Change 

Everyone has things they want to change about themselves, so writing a list can help you conceptualize these issues and provide some clarity. Initially, this can seem like an exercise in self-loathing, but the real reason to try these tips is to gain perspective. As you write your list, you might rethink what you dislike about yourself, because writing things down lets you look at supposed problems from a different angle. You might discover that the issues you have with yourself are not as severe or important as you believed, which can help you feel better about yourself.

Write A List Of Things You Love About Yourself 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t ignore the chance to write down things you love about yourself. If nothing else, this can change your attitude and help you feel better about your self-image. Pick things you know you love and anything that others have complimented you on. You’ll quickly discover that you aren’t as awful as you thought you were, and this can often be enough to give you a crucial self-esteem boost. 

Establish Good And Consistent Habits 

Words on a page can only get you so far, though. You may also need to look at your habits and establish ones that benefit you directly. These good habits are like kini achievements that can keep you feeling positive about yourself and show you how capable you are. You don’t need to think too big, especially as this might cause you to expect too much of yourself. Instead, starting small will make your goals more manageable and easier to maintain. As you stick with these habits, you can increase your expectations and achieve more than you thought possible. 

Identify Solutions 

Some issues are easy to fix, whereas others take a little longer and might require patience and planning. If you have struggled with significant body image issues and have tried everything else you can think of, it may be worth researching other solutions. For example, cosmetic surgery offered by practices like drvitenas.com can provide an instant and empowering self-esteem boost that puts you in control of your self-image. You’ll feel better about yourself and even start to love what you see in the mirror. 

Ask How Stress Affects Your Life

Your self-image issues may not be related to yourself, but rather how stress and other mental health struggles affect your life. This issue occurs most frequently at work, but not enough people recognize how stress can harm their health and well-being. While some people love working in demanding environments, you can’t assume it is the same for everyone. So, if you regularly feel anxious on your way to work and while you’re in the office, it’s time to consider a change. Find ways to deal with stress or start looking for a job that is better for your mental health. 

Try Positive Self-Talk 

Negative self-talk is common among many people. It is arguably more common than you might expect. Although a little self-deprecation never hurt anyone, too much negative self-talk can–and will–trick your brain into believing these things about yourself. Rather than consider yourself clumsy or call yourself an idiot for not understanding something, take a gentler approach and stop being so hard on yourself. People make mistakes, so you don’t have to hold yourself to such a high standard. 

Stop Putting Yourself In Situations That Impact Your Self-Esteem 

Many scenarios can impact your self-esteem. These could be toxic work environments, message boards filled with internet trolls, or even family gatherings. But, did you know you don’t have to put yourself in these situations? Constantly returning to the same places that make you feel depressed is never a healthy solution. While there are always some occasions you cannot get out of, you can still empower yourself to avoid as many of these situations as you can to help you feel better about yourself. 

Be More Assertive 

Similarly, you can also work on being more assertive at work and in your personal life. The secret to this is learning how to say no. Understandably, you want to keep people happy but this shouldn’t come at the expense of your happiness, as people will end up walking all over you and treating you like a doormat. If you can be more assertive, you’ll start to see how much value you have. 

Stop Relying On Crutches 

Everyone has crutches they turn to after a bad day. These crutches can include having a drink when stressed or ordering fast food because you are too exhausted to cook. There’s nothing wrong with these in moderation, but relying on them constantly creates a negative loop you can struggle to escape. If you still need crutches, look for positive and healthier examples. Burnt off your frustrations at the gym or write about how you feel instead. 

Prove Things to Yourself 

Your self-image is directly tied to what you believe you can do, so if you always do the same thing, it’s no wonder you assume you can’t do any better. A solution could include stepping out of your comfort zone to show yourself (and others) what you can achieve. Try something that scares you or push yourself to improve your position at work. You’ll never know what you can truly do if you don’t try. 


Some of these tips may not apply to you, and that’s okay. Even so, you should find something that you can relate to that will give you the inspiration and impetus to make changes to how you view yourself. Hopefully, you can work towards improving your self-image to feel more capable and confident. 

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