February 20, 2024

Post: Getting In Your Best Shape This Year

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Year after year we set more and more resolutions on trying to lose weight or fitting into a smaller dress size. These resolutions are normally abandoned after a month or two, the reason being that we normally make the goals unrealistic or we restrict ourselves too much, so we just give up because we’re not able to live with those restrictions. One of the problems with restricting yourself too much is that it’s not a way that you’re able to live. Do you want to slowly make small changes so it’s something you’re able to continue long-term? If you do a crash diet for a couple of weeks and lose weight, but then go back to eating normally and put it all back on. It’s a lot more unhealthy for your body. Here are some ways to help you get in the best shape of your life with changes you can stick to. 

Getting Expert Help And Tips

One of the ways you can make sure you are successful this year is to get expert tips and advice in all wellness areas. You could speak to a dietician about your specific food needs and requirements so you can design a food plan that will work for you and let you be healthy and enjoy life. You could also speak to a personal trainer to design you a workout plan and take into account any issues you have like a bad knee or back so they can tailor the workouts to you. You could also look at Mind Body Performance Coaching. This is where you can transform your body while also being able to unburden your mind and any eating issues you have. You can learn to integrate body and mind to revolutionise your passion and purpose in life. 

Find An Exercise To Suit You 

During school for a lot of people, p.e and exercise is something that was dreaded. You would compare yourselves to each other and it would put you off exercise. However, there is so much you can do that you can do so you are bound to be able to find something you can enjoy. Enjoying yourself while exercising is the key to a better body. If you enjoy it then you will look forward to it and it won’t be as much of a burden. If you like exercise you can do it with a friend then you could try something like badminton, tennis or go running together in the morning. If you want to just do something by yourself at home to start you can get a walking pad to get your steps in while watching TV or working or even try some of the YouTube exercise videos that are free to everyone and in vast amounts on the video platform. You can find things like yoga, weight training, dance exercises and pilates. 

If you make small goals and changes you can stick to you will be a lot better in the long run and be healthy. 

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