Big Daddy Kane Links With Arrested Development For An Epic “Vibe” (Video)

Amid the most influential VERZUZ to date, Big Daddy Kane teamed up with Arrested Development in their new single/video “Vibe.” The single is the first release of the group’s upcoming album titled ‘For The FKN Love.’ “Vibe” also features DJ Nodef, Tasha LaRae, and Cleveland P. Jones with production by British extraordinaire Configa.

Kane and Speech lay down liberating rhymes and lyricism over reminiscent DJ cuts/scratches and an infectious blend of instruments driven by horns. The duo attests to the unique vibe we as humans all have, something special rocking inside of us. Their declaration is glorified by smooth soulful vocals from Tasha LaRae and Cleveland P. Jones.

“Vibe” is delivered in pure AD style; invigorating enough to loosen the core, yet mind rousing enough to uplift and empower. Watch the video and be on the lookout for the group’s forthcoming 16-track album ‘For The FKN Love.’

Connect with Arrested Development, Big Daddy Kane, and Configa on Instagram @arresteddevelopment_ @speech_ @officialbigdaddykane @configa.

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