Briefcase Wood – Movin’ Bass @i_wishyouwood (Tastemaker Tuesdays)

Virginia artist Briefcase Wood gives us the first offering for this week’s #TastemakerTuesdays submission. Check out “Movin Bass” and leave feedback.

Artist: Briefcase Wood
Business Inquiries:

Hit the jump to see what Wendy Day had to say about this post.

From Wendy:

After I got done chuckling at his Twitter name (I_WishYouWood), and looking at his single art (a guy main lining a turntable into his veins), I realized this is an artist I’d like to hang out with. I’m sure he’s cool as hell!!! I hope all of his social media and website are uniform–I Wish You Wood. Awesomeness!

Anyway, he rides the beat perfectly and even interjects some humor and lightheartedness into his rhymes. The beat is upbeat and catchy. I’m not sure how this song would do in clubs or at radio, but it would be worth testing it at the clubs to see if it could gain momentum.

Which reminds me, rapping and making beats is such a small part of what an artist needs to do. Marketing and promoting the finished songs is really where the hard work begins. The music needs to be spread and potential fans must be wooed to not only listen to your music, but to buy it, attend your shows, and tell their friends about you. This isn’t directed specifically at Briefcase Wood, but every artist who wants to make rapping their career!!

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