Darshania – Astral Traveling (feat. Illuminati Congo)

Darshania Fuses New Age with Hip Hop for “Heart Chakra”

ST. CROIX – As a yogini, healing artist, musician, and writer, Darshania continues her life journey with the release of the album “Heart Chakra.

The full-length album containing seven tracks was produced by Kiva, DJ Cave, Abstract Butta Fingaz, and the late Ras G. “Heart Chakra” represents a body of work that answers a call from deep inside the planet and liberates the hearts of listeners while creating a more beautiful world

“My voice has always been something that has been a healer for me through the things I’ve been through in my life,” said Darshania. “Through writing and performing, there’s a connection that happens when you hear music like this. It’s such a universal language; you can touch so many people even if they don’t speak your language.

Diving into the new age, with mystical melodies and soothing beats, the single “Telepathic” focuses on love. While some refer to love as only romantic, Darshania says the song “explores the depth of love between a mother and her child, and her partner. It explores the love between the ocean, the love with nature, and having a love for ritual and an understanding how important that is to keep that going and your life to be connected to the Earth.

The “Telepathic” music video was shot on a California beach demonstrates these forms of love while showcasing the oceanfront vistas and sandy meditation

Shifting gears, Darshania, who is of West Indian, Blackfoot Creole, and Filipino heritage, gives listeners an inside look at her journey from a life of hardships to a successful artist, musician, and mediation guru.

In her single “Prism Pyramid,” produced by the late Ras G., Darshania said, “I was predicting a better future for myself. I wrote that song when I was living in a bad place with a bunch of roaches everywhere. I literally went downstairs in the studio of that place and recorded that song myself, and it was me wanting to create my future and speaking to myself. But it also was empowerment to remember that your mental, physical, and spiritual health are more valuable than anything else that you have.”

With additional tracks featuring guest vocalists Illuminati Congo and Poetic S., “Heart Chakra” takes listeners on a spiritual odyssey while permitting music to be their guide. “The journey is about loving yourself. That journey is about tapping into that frequency of your heart and in my spiritual practice. It is believed that the heart, rather than the brain is the source of human wisdom,” explained Darshania.

While some music aims at the darker side of life, Darshania’s music is vastly different. “We need to bring the love back into our music. We are not progressing by sharing bad messages, disrespecting our women or brothers, or sharing anything involving violence and killing. That’s just killing our people. It’s time for evolution to step forward and step through because love is what’s going to lead the way.”

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