Destiny Frye Collaborates With Hip Hop Dreamz, ATG, & Standing-O-Productions

Entrepreneur Destiny Frye is heating up Spring/Summer with several projects and events…

Destiny Frye comes from an industry-based family. Her mother Cheryl Frye owner of “The Origin” and Chicago native started her journey in dance and the performing arts at 13 years old then moved her vision to San Diego California where her two children have dominated the competitive hip hop dance and industry events in Los Angeles and New York City.

Newest venture for Destiny Frye…Hip-Hop Dreamz has now joined the creative Team of New raising talent artist, producer, rapper ATG; hot out of Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles.  Along with Keo, choreographer and production company StandingOproduction Company owned by Darius Frye.

Be on the lookout for creative content ,hot new dance videos, NBA games, and more via Instagram and TikTok all summer 2024!

Credits: Madison Square Garden, Barclays Center, Wonderama TV Show, TimeSquare Billboard, Sunset Blvd: Hollywood Billboard, Hip-Hop International, WOD, Hollywood Christmas Parade. LA Clippers, Harlem Globe Trotters, and Good Morning San Diego.

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