DMV Star Layna Lae Uplifts And Empowers In “Throw It All Away” (Single)

DMV urban Pop artist Layna Lae releases her new single “Throw It All Away.” Like others coping with mental illness and the stigma attached to it, Layna Lae creates music as therapy and shares it as a vessel of hope. “Throw It All Away” emanates positive vibes and is lyrically empowering. Layna Lae’s performance is uplifting as it reminds us to unmask and embrace our true selves. She offers a relatable sense of transparency and vulnerabillty by allowing audiences into her realm of fears, pain, and regrets. Stream the mood-elevating, infectious record and connect with Layna Lae below.

Throw It All Away by Layna Lae – DistroKid

‎Throw It All Away – Single by Layna Lae on Apple Music

Connect with Layna Lae

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