Does Flashy Packaging Help Your Product Stand Out?

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The design of a product’s packaging can tell you a great deal about the priorities of the brand or manufacturer hoping to sell you such an item. For example, Apple iPhone boxes tend to be very sleek, and easy to identify, but also minimalistic – it’s about you and the refined design of the phone. You’re supposed to open the package with a sense of awe and excitement, and doing so can inspire you to choose them again next time around.

But not every product is a smart $1,000 device with a massive history behind it. From ready meals ready to be microwaved to the moisturizing cream you use on a daily basis, the packaging of the products we purchase needs to be cultivated for relevance, the correct conveyance of information, and the ability to stand out on the shelf.

This begs a question – to what extent does flashy packaging help your product stand out? Is it worth investing in over simpler variants? In this post, we’ll discuss those outcomes and more:

Function Over Style

Style is great, but without appropriate function, it’s easy to dilute your impact. For example, there’s a reason plastic orange juice bottles are preferred to conventional cardboard in the more “premium” varieties – it’s because you can see the rich orange of the product through the packaging while retaining holding strength. That in itself is a solid function-matching style. Finding folding carton manufacturers near me can help you determine the exact scope of your product, how it will be used, and how its functionality can benefit your brand.

Focus On Brand Identity

You may have noticed that as brands have tried to become more relatable, they aim to seem more well-written, more personable, more interesting, and witty. Copywriters have often gone overboard stuffing certain a brand’s tone of voice with a super engaging script to “outdo” the other brands – but think, how might this impact your brand identity, how might it interfere with your packaging design, and more? Understanding your brand identity will help you decide what to include on the packaging, and which focuses to avoid.

Consider Environmental Impact

Of course, consumers now care more about how to dispose of your packaging, and that’s no insult, in fact it means they’re more likely to go for ethical options. If they can easily recycle your packaging, that’s a plus on your side. It also helps you think about how to reduce plastic and use more reusable materials while retaining strength and durability. For example, a card-slotted presentation pack can be great for AA or AAA batteries, ensuring that the general impact of the product itself cannot be criticized for the package it comes in. Think about how long your package might take to break down, if it can be used again, or even donated.

With this advice, you’ll be more focused on your packaging approach , and innovate alongside new standards. You’ll also be better able to showcase the values of your brand, and potentially stand out on the shelf because of that.

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