Exclusive Interview: Lashaun Turner Of Urban Starz Media Talk Being A Publicist

Exclusive Interview: Lashaun Turner Of Urban Starz Media Talk Being A Publicist

Exclusive Interview: Lashaun Turner Of Urban Starz Media Talk Being A Publicist
Exclusive Interview: Lashaun Turner Of Urban Starz Media Talk Being A Publicist

Lashaun Turner Bio:

In 2010, self-described Entrepreneur and Music Publicist Lashaun Turner developed TRC (Artist Influencer)  Social Media with a vision to become a source content provider for social networks. Lashaun  developed several lifestyle and entertainment webzines including an award nominated blog and then built social connections across all the major networking platforms to share this content. Lashaun’s writing style and abilities led her to become an established blogger & contributor to other popular globally recognized magazines like YoRaps, Gorilla Leak, Yahoo, Black Vibes and many others.

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After work on the play “GOD Is Watching You” the business venture evolved to include Look Like A Star P.R, working as a Publicist with Actors, Musicians, & Entrepreneurs to increase and manage public Interest in their creative assets. Lashaun has represented clients such as Atlanta rapper Bone Crusher, Coast2Coast DJ Fred Malone, International Pop Star Natalia Damini, and Mysterious Ent a Major Indie Record Label. The company leverages an extensive network of connections to offer a distribution circuit for individuals needing targeted exposure in an Urban Niche environment.

In 2012 the company re-branded itself URBAN STARZ MEDIA & P.R , with a continued focus on becoming a strong voice for the Urban Artist and Entrepreneur in the emerging New Media realm that is the Internet.

In August 2012 the company launched the only Licensed Independent Internet Radio Station in Los Angeles, playing Urban Indie music 24/7 at Urban Indie Radio- Los Angeles . Lashaun is also the Creator, Executive Producer and Host of the Blaze Indie L.A Show a popular syndicated webcast-radio show broadcast weekly .

The company provides a wide array of exposure services including Media Partnering, media coverage of upscale events, talent & showcase judging. Lashaun has traveled across southern California & the country providing industry support to venues, panels and showcases.The company specializes in servicing the Publicity needs of Independent (unsigned) Music Artists in the genres of Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, Urban Popand R&B. The company engages social media networking, niche marketing, and other advanced techniques to increase exposure for its clients.

URBAN STARZ MEDIA is a hybrid multi-media/P.R firm that provides Event & Artist Publicity, Media Placement Management, Content Development, Hosting, Sharing and Distribution throughout various platforms. The company owns a Radio Network, IPTV channel & multiple Digital & Print magazines. The company works with Independent Artists & Entrepreneurs in providing innovative exposure strategies.. Headquarters are located at 23205 Sunnymead Blvd Suite 202  Moreno Valley California 92553.

Check Out This She Bloggin Exclusive Interview Below:

  1. What do you enjoy most about doing PR work?

I enjoy helping independent artist who are seriously trying to get to the next level, exceed in their music careers. It’s very satisfying to watch the motivation and encouragement an artist gets when they start to see people outside of their friends and family experience and interact with their music. Recently I was able to place a client in the HYPE Magazine and SOURCE on the same day , the excitement was palpable and the artist and the whole team felt like they were finally getting the recognition they’ve worked hard for. Their efforts are paying off- that’s what I enjoy, helping artists see a payoff from their exposure.

2. What are some of the downfalls of working with artists?

Some of the downfalls I think are related to the fact that these artists are struggling for the most part. Many of them are maintaining jobs while trying to have a music career at the same time. It’s a difficult proposition because to have any measure of success in this industry you MUST invest in yourself and that means you must have a budget. At the same time you have to be able to dedicate your time & energy to your music like it’s a full-time job. Therefore one of the downfalls I run onto is not being able to work with someone either because they have no budget or in some instances if they do, they don’t have time for interviews, questionnaires, making appearances and building social media fans & followers, which are all crucial elements in the exposure process.

Another challenge in working with some artists is that many haven’t taken the time to educate themselves on the business of music and branding. There are a lot of “hobbyist” artists out there.

3.  How do you feel about the new generation of bloggers calling themselves PRs, but only getting their clients blog placements?

Wow, that’s the 1st I’m hearing about that trend. Having been a blogger I don’t think just blogging qualifies you as a Publicist. I don’t fault anyone for carving out a specialty niche for what they do but it’s buyer beware and again the artists need to educate themselves. A Publicist does much more that make blog posts. Publicists prepare a campaign strategy that will manage and mold the image/ brand, plus gain  exposure opportunities across platforms i.e Radio, TV, IPTV, Magazines, Websites, Blogs.. etc. We also assist in preparing an artist in handling the media etc.  In the case of Urban Starz Media, we are a hybrid P.R & Publicity firm so we take things a little further than the norm because we own valuable content distribution platforms such as Urban Indie Radio-L.A, Blaze Indie L.A etc..  So I feel there is a great difference in what publicists do and that of what bloggers do. The two should not be confused. I  think the role of the blogger is very important and as you can imagine I work with alot of bloggers, but I wouldn’t consider them Publicists..

  1.  What are some of the mistakes you see artists make a lot?

Not investing in their career and not surrounding themselves with a knowledgeable team that has a planned strategy.  Not having their music registered and legal so that they can fully monetize it. I also see artists getting caught up in what I call “the chitlin circuit” which is paying to perform in local bars & restaurants which seems to give them a false sense of having made it- when it actually usually only drains whatever small budget they have and rarely helps to build their buzz .

  1.  What’s the hardest part of your job?

Really its time management and responding back & forth to all the artists and outlets. Also, helping to shape an image of an artist sometimes means telling them that their current one sucks lol, so being objective and giving constructive criticism is sometimes challenging but always needed. For the most part tho my clients understand that I’ve been doing what I do for some time and ultimately they have a lot of trust in my advice. So, it usually works out.

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  1. Lashaun’s commitment ,passion, and promotion of her clients is both heart felt and professional.You can feel her passion in every aspect of the process in how she treats her clients and who she is promoting.Her outspoken and honest reviews along with her strong personality make her stand out among the men out there in the business.Her manner is very inviting yet highly professional and you will find yourself won over by her charm.Make no mistake…she is a shrewd business woman and one to be respected in the field.She is devoted to the dreams of the talent that comes her way.She is definitely a force to be reckoned with in this business.

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