Georgia’s Industry Standard (aka Indy) Captivates In “Pah Nah Nah” Single

Industry Standard better known as Indy, releases “Pah Nah Nah” from his new album ‘Scripts.’ The established singer, songwriter, and dancer admires the beauty of a women with a request to “make it pah nah nah.” A fused blend of afro beats and island vibes is sure to get everyone on the dance floor.

The Georgia native stimulates with smooth vocals and infectious chorus. Stream the single and connect below.

Connect with Indy

Instagram: @indstrystndrd

Tik Tok: @indstrystndrd

Facebook: @iamindustrystandard 

Youtube: @indstry.stndrd


Stream ‘Scripts’ album

Spotify – SCRIPTS – Album by Industry Standard aka Indy | Spotify

Apple Music – ‎SCRIPTS – Album by Industry Standard aka Indy – Apple Music

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