Guest Entry: 3 Bible Verses I Apply To Our Music Business

I received this blog post from Slick, CEO of So Fo Real Productions, and this is definitely something to take a look at. As a believer, I can appreciate this, and as someone who works in the industry, these verses can definitely be applied. Take a look, and shout out to Slick!

1 Corinthians 14:40 – But All Things Should Be Done Decently And In Order.
In short, don’t audition before you practice! LOL.. Seriously, it means being honest and having integrity when doing business. We have to be transparent, fixing any mistakes that arise. We also have to be organized to increase accuracy and keep a consistent and positive experience for our music customers!

Philippians 2:3 – Do Nothing From Rivalry Or Conceit, But In Humility Count Others More Significant Than Yourselves.
I think that’s the same as taking a “customer first” approach. Also, don’t worry about the competition. Just focus on the supporters and fans. Don’t let energy drain on fighting people who don’t even support!

James 2:26 – Faith Without Works Is Dead
Probably my favorite – basically you will get nowhere with your musical goals if there is no work to show. Having faith in our music is not enough.. we have to put in the work. For us, it’s learning the instruments, learning the craft, from mixing to music theory to learning Jazz of the 1930’s to the Trap of today’s generation. It’s investing in the equipment we need to produce the best music, so songwriters who do shop with us are investing in the highest quality tracks. We get out what we put in… faith is the ignition!

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