How to Keep Safe When Road Side Cycling

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There’s something so freeing about roadside cycling. This gives you a chance to enjoy the wind in your hair and the fresh air and get to see sights and listen to sounds that you probably wouldn’t have experienced if you were in a car. This is considered a pretty fun sport for a lot of people as well! Unfortunately, there are dangers when it comes to roadside cycling. 

While this is a popular sport and hobby for so many, injuries can still happen. But this doesn’t mean you should give up this sport altogether. Absolutely not! What it means is that you’ll need to be cautious when doing this. So, here is how you can stay safe. 

Avoid Being in a Driver’s Blind Spot

When it comes to roadside cycling, where you need to cycle is, in the name, on the side of the road. This can help as you won’t be in a driver’s blind spot. However, when it comes to large vehicles such as large cars, buses, and semi-trucks, you especially need to be careful to avoid any blind spots!  

When you’re passing a car or bus, give them at least 5 feet of space – more if the vehicle is long and moving fast. This will ensure that you’re still within their sightline when they’re braking and that you’ll be able to get safely out of the way when they overtake you.

Look Out for Hazards! 

There is no doubt about it that this sport can be very unsafe if you’re not careful. You need to know exactly what you’re doing and stay cautious the entire time too. This means that you can’t be careful when doing some hill climbing on a road bike or space out when cycling either. Unlike driving in a car, you must always be aware.  People who usually drive cars tend to not feel the need to scan out for hazards; in fact, some of them may even be careless drivers. 

While it’s not ideal, you’re going to need to be the one that’s constantly focused on avoiding any potential hazards. Wear bright-colored bike gear to increase your visibility to drivers and add reflective strips and/or light. You should also be prepared to brake when necessary. So make sure you have a good pair of brakes on your bike. 

Be Prepared to Brake

As mentioned above, you need good brakes on your bike; this is especially apparent when it comes to cycling downhills or somewhere that could be deemed a little unsafe. In general, you’ll have to stay well prepared for the worst. On top of this, make sure you know the hand and arm signals in case you need to brake, yield, or take turns. This is going to help drivers out and avoid any potential accidents for you. Cycling can have its physical barriers, but good brakes will ensure that you stay safe.

Be Selective with What You Wear

Last but not least, you need to be careful with what you wear. Sure, when it comes to roadside cyclist fashion, it’s not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing. But it’s really all about dressing in clothes that will keep you safe and cooled off. This is going to include neon colors and those that are very reflective.

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