How To Make Your Morning Routine Easier

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How you start your day can impact the rest of the time between morning and returning to bed. For many people, starting the day smoothly on the right foot can set the tone for the day. After all, how many times have you fumbled through a lousy day after one or two things went wrong first thing?

Exactly! To eliminate the possibility of a bad day, there are some things you can do to help you make your morning run more smoothly and speed up your routine so you can get on with your day with as little fuss as possible.

Get Organised

It’s often said that people who get everything organized the night before are more in control of their day, and this isn’t wrong. Prepping the night before can help you to start your mornings as you mean to go on quickly and decisively.

Lay out an outfit or two if you are uncertain. Get all the makeup, accessories, etc, ready and pop the coffee cup on the coffee machine ready to go in the morning. The less you have to do first thing, the more likely things will go how you want them to.

Shave your Beauty Routine

Saving time on your morning beauty routine can help you get out the door faster and be ready to go without spending too much time reading. Some great tips include;

  • Using dry shampoo the night before you go to bed.
  • Style your hair the night before if possible, and use a silk pillowcase to preserve curls and the style and reduce frizz
  • Consider semi-permanent makeup or get a lash lift and tint to reduce the need to apply mascara or make up and define your brows each morning.
  • Use concealer carefully to minimize the need for foundation.
  • Highlighter is your best friend.
  • Carry out your thorough routine of an evening and use the bare minimum skin products of a morning.

Take 15 Minutes

This might sound counterintuitive if you are trying to get out of the door faster, but taking 15 minutes to sit and eat, drink your coffee, or wake yourself up before leaving the house can give you a better start to the day. Get up 15 minutes earlier, prep your breakfast the night before so you only have to whip it out and eat, and stop and give yourself 15 minutes.

Create A Drop Zone

If you can never find your keys in the morning or things are never where you think they are, create a drop zone by your front door. This is a place where you literally drop all of the items you will need to be able to leave in the morning. Your keys, your purse, your coffee cup, work documents, shoes, jackets, and so on. If you cannot leave your house without it, then it needs to be in the drop zone. This means everything is in the same place for you to grab and go and eliminate that item spent running around like a headless chicken looking for what you need.

These tips can help you streamline your day and prepare more efficiently in the morning. If you need to shave a few minutes off your morning routine or simply be better prepared, put these into practice and see how you go.

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