Hunnit Milez Lighting The Map With Jersey Hip Hop

Although his career officially took off in 2018, it’s been lights and cameras ever since for Trenton, NJ-based indie Hip Hop artist Hunnit Milez. Today, he is famed and respected for bringing Jersey Hip Hop to the forefront.

Hunnit worked diligently night and day to perfect his craft so he could move himself and his family out of a growing distressed environment. He refused for his family to become another statistic or fall victim to circimstances.

Not only Jersey fans but audiences globally are drawn in by Hunnit’s unyielding lyricism and wordplay. Both of which vividly capture journeys and experiences he’s endured to become the man and artist he is today. Besides continual growth, Hunnit is also determined to inspire, motivate, and drive others to move from nothing to something.

Connect with Hunnit Milez below

Facebook: Hunnit Milez

Instagram: @iamhunnitmilez

YouTube: Hunnit Milez


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