It’s Black History Month! Want to be Featured?

Its my favorite time of the year, 28 days of honoring, and celebrating US: our history, tragedies, legacies, and successes, but most of all, our ancestors and progression. Although its clear we are now the most popular, and most imitated group of people on God’s green earth, we are still oppressed.

We’ve come very far, and we’re still going. I’ve come across some black artists and entrepreneurs in the last year that took my breath away. We are ridiculously creative and talented, and we deserve to be heard. Thats what this platform is here for. So I want to hear from you! If you’re a black artist, creative, or entrepreneur, please contact me. I want to give you the spotlight!

Email:, or message me in Instagram: @shebloggin to be featured. Stay black!

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