Layla Telle – All I Want Is You, PT. 2

Layla Telle showcases beautiful vocals on hot new single ‘All I Want Is you, PT 2’ 

EASTON, MD – A hot new single from East Coast artist Layla Telle is creating quite a buzz. “All I Want Is You, PT 2” is a pure R&B hit with minor hints of hip-hop swag thanks to the feature of S. Romio. But more than anything the song is a showcase of Layla Telle’s amazing vocals. With a catchy hook and lyrics that are immediately relatable, this song is destined to become one of the most talked-about tracks of the year. 

“The video is about being a clingy girlfriend and wanting your man’s attention,” Layla said. “You’re not getting it, though, because the guy is focusing on other stuff. When I made the song I was talking to a guy and we had been together for a minute but he was more about himself. He would go out and do stuff without telling me anything. He’d go to a party and I’d be at home and call him and be like, ‘Where you at?’ He didn’t communicate with me very well, and there were a lot of little things that he would do that would cause arguments. This song came out of those moments as I was learning about him and trying to decide what I could live with and what I couldn’t.” 

Layla said she first started singing when she was 4 years old and hasn’t ever looked back. Born Kapree Batson, it was at age 4 that she had a very vivid dream where she was a successful global star who went by the name Layla Telle. The dream left such an imprint on her mind that even as she grew older and wiser, she never forgot that name or the hopes of one day making it big as an international superstar. So when she finally started to pursue a professional recording career, it only made sense to take on Layla Telle as her stage name.  

It was after college that she got her first big break. After recording her first single “Queen,” she started dating a guy who was a group called Uneek Ones. One of the guys in that group was a professional engineer, and he encouraged her to continue making music. Together they went into the studio and he helped develop her sound into something truly special. The song they created together was called “I Feel Loved,” and the response from audiences online was favorable and led to her making more music. 

“I have a unique voice,” she said. “There’s not really anyone you can compare me to because my style is so diverse. And at the end of the day I hope people recognize me for being passionate about my music and being a music hustler. I hope they see that I’m chill and I sing with feeling. You can feel my words when I sing.” 

Layla isn’t stopping with music, either. She’s also set to join the cast of the new movie “Platinum Live TV The Movie 2,” for which her single will also serve as one of the main songs on the soundtrack. She’s also working on an EP called “No More Setbacks,” which she said should release in the next few months. 


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