Lil Slanderous – Vick

Lil Slanderous puts unique spin on popular sounds with new EP ‘SlanderVill3’ 

WICHITA FALLS, TX – It’s OK to push boundaries. It’s OK to get out of your comfort zone and try different things. And if you don’t take a chance an invest in yourself, no one else will. 

Those are the sentiments that new hip-hop artist Lil Slanderous is bringing to the game with his new blend of music. Offering a unique sound and style that does exactly as he preaches, this boundary-breaking young artist is creating quite a buzz throughout the Deep South with his artist offerings. His latest EP, “SlanderVill3,” is the kind of project destined to put him on the global stage, and his hit single “Vick” is already paving the way for that super-stardom.  

Featuring braggadocios and fun lyrics, the song features a bevy of witty wordplay and double entendres against a rhythm and groove that feels inspired by legends like Ghost Face Killer or XXXTentacion. Spurred by his love of football and sports, the song uses former NFL legend Michael Vick as a metaphor for greatness. 

“It’s really just kind of bragging and having fun,” Lil Slanderous said of the single. “There’s a lot of back-and-forth with me and Type-One, who’s featured on the track. We just play off each others’ verses and explore the idea that sometimes you don’t always have to be humble. Sometimes you can let people know what you can do and what you got.” 

The single is one that sets the stage for the entire EP, which is also fun and upbeat and plays off the influences of Texas artists like UGK and Screwed Up Click. It’s also a project that takes a cue from artists like The Alchemist and Madlib. Like “Vick,” there are a lot of braggadocios-type raps, as well as great vibes perfect for hanging with friends or cruising around town.  

“This is the type of music you listen to when you want to catch a vibe,” Lil Slanderous said. “It’s really smooth lyrics and great delivery and great mixing. You will love riding to this. It’s like Currency mixed with some Pimp C a little bit, and all Lil Slanderous. I like to put a spin on my own verbiage – my own type of slang. And I like to take different styles and make them my own. The result with this EP is a kind of late-night-pimp’s riding music. It’s something to feel good to and ride to. And if you smoke, you can enjoy this, as well. Or if you’re at a party and it’s time to wind down, this is the perfect thing to turn on and ride on out.” 


Lil Slanderous said he has plenty more music in the works and plans to release more music in the coming months. Until then, fans can check out his music, or follow him on social media, by visiting the following links:   (SlanderVill3)  (VICK Feat. TYPE-ONE)  (VICK MUSIC VIDEO)

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