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MrMula is all about focusing on yourself with new single ‘Numbers’ (feat. Icewear Vezzo) 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Growing up facing a variety of obstacles, it was music that brought MrMula to where he is today. Through his love for a vast collection of genres and artists and his own interest in performing, he has worked his way up to releasing tracks and sharing his abilities and views with the rest of the world. Most recently, MrMula has put out the first of two collaborations with fellow Rapper, Icewear Vezzo.  

The first release that MrMula put out with Vezzo is a track called “Numbers”. The song came together when MrMula reached out to Vezzo about working together while both were in LA. Casual interest turned to full-on friendship as the two recorded multiple tracks together. This track is a statement to Bio-Mula’s community, focusing on his second chance at life. 

“I recorded this song a couple of weeks after I was released from what was a total of eight years of incarceration. It’s really a statement to the community and everyone who’s listening. You can have a second chance at life, so go take advantage of it.” Now that MrMula is back in his community, he is taking every chance he can get to do the things he loves. 

To go alongside the track, “Numbers” features a video. The visual provides an interesting and well-matched addition to an already bold track. “We hit up a bunch of the nice spots in Hollywood and downtown LA and really I was just showing (Vezzo) around.” While the two were able to enjoy their location, they put together a brilliant addition to their latest release. 

MrMula wants this track to be about being yourself and doing the things that make you happy. “Don’t worry about what other people think, just focus on you and the things you love to do. That’s what I’m doing from here on out. I’m doing numbers, why they mad at me?” 

Having grown up facing a collection of difficulties and using music to save himself from what could have been a truly self-destructive path, it is amazing to see where MrMula has come from. He has already done so much as an artist, with more already in the works. There is no doubt that MrMula is on his way up. 

To go alongside the two tracks that he is releasing with Icewear Vezzo, MrMula is already working on his debut album, a project called Risk It All Just To Ball. This project, set to release around the end of the year, will be teased with a new release every month. He is also excited for the second release of “OFF Da FLOW” with Vezzo as well as a music video to pair with it.


Be sure to check out Bio-Mula’s music on all streaming platforms and keep up with him on social media for more information about upcoming projects and releases. Links to all of these things can be found listed below. 

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