Nephew Town – Ain’t Worried Bout It

Nephew Town brings fun new Trap vibe with latest hit single ‘Ain’t Worried Bout It’ 

DETROIT, MI – Wherever Nephew is, he runs that town … and the whole world is about to know it.  

The latest single from Detroit-based artist Nephew Town is lighting up global charts and bringing in an ever-widening fanbase. “Ain’t Worried Bout It” is a fun, upbeat vibe that has the world buzzing with its infectious sound and catchy Trap beat. Produced by the notorious Antt Beatz and featuring well-known rapper Icewear Vezzo, the song is the perfect anthem for a generation longing for freedom from the grind and a release to the carefree life.  

“It’s a song that very simply says you not worried. You just living.” Nephew Town said. “You not worried about nobody else’s business – what they got going on, etc. We chasing money and not worried about what anybody else is doing.” 

The single is merely the latest hit from this fast-rising artist who has been lighting up the music scene for the better part of the last two years. In addition to Antt Beatz and Icewear Vezzo, Nephew has also caught the eye of other artists like Helluva and Cash Kidd, and is currently in development on more music with other notorious producers. He said he plans on dropping an album called “Parts of me” in November, but until then he’s anxious to new fans to check out his latest single and enjoy the energy it brings. 

“I feel like I got a unique style and sound,” he said. “I don’t feel like I sound like a lot of people. I got a different style because I can be versatile. I got some trap stuff and I got some slow grooves, but mostly I’m just putting my life out there and turning my story into art. My life has become art. My words paint a picture and relate with others.” 

Inspired by some of the legends of hip-hop – from Jay-Z to Young Jeezy to master P – Nephew Town as worked hard to build his own brand from the ground up. Like those artists he looks up to, he has a rags-to-riches story of rising from the hood and making it as a successful recording artist. And he hopes this his story and music can show others that no matter where you come from you can achieve your dreams and be successful in life. 


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“Ain’t Worried Bout It” 

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