New Addition: Tastemaker Tuesdays (Details & Submission Info)


OK so, I’ve been quite bored with the blog game this year. It’s over-saturated, and everyone is copy/pasting the same material. They all look so much alike its annoying, and I don’t wanna fall in that box. For me, it was either I quit blogging, or do something different. I’ve never been a quitter in my life, so that’s not an option. I had to do something different, something no one has yet to do. I’ve decided to start something new called Tastemaker Tuesdays.

Every Tuesday, a key player in the industry will review and provide feedback on the selected posts for the day. I will only select 10 artists to be featured that day. The tastemakers will range from A&Rs, to big name DJs & artists, to major label execs. Whether it be positive or negative, they’re gonna give their honest feedback.

In an effort to continue to push the culture forward, and help these indie artists get heard, this will be the perfect opportunity. Tastemaker Tuesdays may even lead to bigger features for the artist, or maybe even getting signed, who knows!

Now clearly I will be much more selective than I normally am for these days. You may submit at any time, but again, I’m only selecting 10. Here’s the submission guidelines for Tastemaker Tuesdays:

  1. Make sure you put TASTEMAKER TUESDAYS SUBMISSION in the subject line, otherwise I’ll assume its a general submission.

  2. Please include some brief info about who you are, what you are submitting. The tastemaker reviewing will need to know a little about you.

  3. Send your most recent work, whether it be a video, single or body of work. Nothing too dated. Include LINKS ONLY! No attachments! (Soundcloud, Audiomack, etc)

  4. Make sure your artwork is professional. Don’t send any selfies, please.

  5. Please include all social media info, as well as your contact/booking info, in case the tastemaker wants to contact you directly.

  6. Finally, send the submissions to

Please keep in mind that you are presenting yourself to industry professionals. Send that email like you’re getting ready to sit down in a meeting at a label.

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12 Comments on “New Addition: Tastemaker Tuesdays (Details & Submission Info)”

  1. Hello.

    My name is Reese 3. I am a Urban Inspiration artist form Detroit Michigan living in L.A California working with Wee Battle Music Group. As you may have seen or heard, floating around L.A with the big dawgs is no problem. June 1st MMWeeMG and I will be releasing my first 2015 single “Potential” produced by SuperStar O. This track is sweet to the T in definition of radio ready. Potential is set to change the Major Independent game for good with remains of only fine and excellent top quality music, talent and business. Please consider me for a interview and anything else you would have in mind to include me in and or feature on.

    Yours truly,
    Maurice “Reese 3” Travis

    Twitter/IG: @ReesePower3

  2. I like tastemakers service it gives a artists a chance to brake into major record company main stream hopefully to get pick up no question ask , if she or he has what it takes…

  3. I am r&b recording artist: cam24/7 robbie mosely vocalist , songwriter, producer. Out. West palm beach started at the age of 13. Talent show, church choir. As time move on join a funk band playing local clubs, festival .class reunion. Departed soloing doing projects w/ local artists at same time working on my solo career. Stretching out on social media and internet radio music store sits.

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