New Music: Angel Sessions – Still In Love | @AngelSessions

Angel Sessions is back with another record that will have you moving and grooving. The name of this record is “Still In Love” and it speaks about an emotion that we all have felt, one time or another.  You see we all have that one person (Woman Or Man)  that got away from us and that love we have for them, just will not shake off. 

That one person that you will drop everything for , if they came running back to you. And in some situations, they leave and come back time and time again. Now for the record this song is not promoting that at all, we are just telling a story in order to paint that perfect picture. 

Angel Sessions uses her amazing voice to break down her feelings and deliver this masterpiece in a super creative way. It’s always an honor to listen to a record and you can hear the hard work put into it.

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