New Music: Angel Sessions – You Missed A Good Thing | @AngelSessions

Angel Sessions is really doing some big things with the music that she has been dropping. The songs hit differently and the sound is something we have never heard before. Her new record “You Missed A Good Thing” has hit number 1 on the Amazon Hot New Releases.

It was released in the “Soul” category, and this record hit number 1 in R&B charts as well. It also is the number 1 best seller in soul on the Amazon Hot New Releases. Now let’s get into the record. Angel Sessions speaks the truth on how some guys really miss up when they have a good thing going with a female. Trippin on and blaming the female for things that are just petty and out of order, tryin to make the female feel less then.

Well, Angel Sessions’ record puts this type in his place and lets them know that a better man is right around the corner waiting for their opportunity to play in the sandbox. This record is right on time for the summer and will be the autumn for ladies around the country in this type of situation. 

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