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Missouri-based rapper GYP has a story that he’s sharing through his music. As an immigrant of Croatia, GYP came to America with his family to pursue a better life and found music as a way to express himself. His recently released projects “Intervene” and “Walls” ft. Arab G are two singles that display versatility for GYP.

In a recent interview, he discussed how he got into music, the inspirations behind some of his new and old projects, what he’s most proud of, and what to anticipate from him in the future. As someone who is originally from Rijeka, Croatia and now lives in St. Louis, Missouri, GYP has definitely something to prove.

GYP’s album, Self Made Immigrant, reached international recognition when released in 2018, with stand out tracks like “They Want My Name,” “In It to Win It,” and “Bosnian Girl. ” The album still plays daily on 105.1 The Streetz, a local radio station.

The Croatian rapper has also made a name for himself following a pair of hard-hitting singles, “Intervene” and “She Gota Face.” The tracks show his dynamic versatility, and while both having high and infectious energy.

With a strong work ethic and admirable ambition, this seems to only be the beginning for GYP. This year, confirmed that a new EP is coming in mid-2022, and some new singles will be dropping around the same time.

GYP wants to share his story and relate to his audience. His biggest goal in making music, “to tour the world and have an opportunity to tell [his] story.” GYP’s biggest dream is to make an impact on the affluent and become inspired by his journey — showing how he struggled growing up, how his life has not always been glamorous, and despite the hardships how he will continue to strive.

Some of his goals include establishing himself as a role-model, and to prove “nothing is impossible” if you “replace your problems with challenges and never give up.” Check out GYP’s music on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple music.

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