New Music: Konquest – “Paranormal Raptivity” (Album)

Konquest just released his horror inspired hip-hop album from entitled Paranormal Raptivity. The album features artists Toka Hyrule, The MDz, Kae Franks, and Smoke to produce a bloodthirsty, serial killer level of intensity on Konquest’s Halloween hip-hop concept album.

The album includes the berserk fast-paced “Night Time”, which opens up with a distorted sample of Tiny Tim’s “Livin’ In The Sunlight, Lovin’ In The Moonlight” and dives deep into Konquest’s natural attraction to horror as subject for his material. Konquest writes, “I was never swayed by the swag movement. As you can already tell from my tattoo of Michael Myers, this Vampire bite tattoo on my neck etc., it was always horror and dark themed songs that did it for me.” The music video for “Night Time” was shot at All Saints Lunatic Asylum, a real haunted attraction where many have witnessed paranormal events before.

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